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Tekla Structures Partner 소프트웨어를 사용하려면 유효한 Tekla Online 라이선스가 필요합니다.

파트너용 Tekla Structures는 Tekla Structures 2019의 기업용 Tekla Structures와 결합되었습니다.
Tekla Structures 2019를 설치한 경우 파트너 버전을 별도로 설치할 필요가 없습니다.


Download Tekla Structures Partner here after you have acquired your Tekla Online license.

Tekla Structures Partner

Tekla Structures Partner is a configuration specifically created for application development. Licence terms restrict the usage: it cannot be used commercially for modeling, detailing, or for example fabrication. 

Tekla Partners Program

Join the Tekla Partners Program to get Tekla Online license for Tekla Structures Partner configuration. Tekla Partners Program is designed to help our partners and customers develop complementary applications and integrations that add value to Tekla Structures.

Tekla Developer Center

Tekla Developer Center is the hub for all Tekla Open API information.


What's new

We listen to our customers and community when continually improving Tekla Structures, Tekla Online services, and Tekla Open API. The latest improvements include the following and more:

Tekla Structures 2021

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Tekla Open API

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