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Why do I need a Trimble ID?

A Trimble ID online account lets you download software, activate and use your trial license, and access our online services. Select the “Create Trimble ID” button to create your Trimble ID. If you already have a Trimble ID, simply use the link to sign-in.

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Watch instructional video of the trial process

Learn more about the trial and FAQs

To make sure you have a computer suitable to run Tekla Structures, you can check the system requirements and hardware recommendations.

If you’re having issues with creating your Trimble ID, signing in to the website, downloading the software, installing it, activating your trial license, or accessing the software, take a look at the resources below:


  • Existing Trimble ID - If you already have a Trimble ID, you don’t need to create a new account - you just need to sign in. If you’ve forgotten your password, click the Forgotten Password link on the sign in page.
  • Account Verification - Make sure you have verified your Trimble ID. You’ll receive a verification email shortly after the account is created. Check your spam/junk folder if you can’t see the verification email in your inbox.
  • Installation issues - If you’re having problems installing Tekla Structures, take a look at this troubleshooting article


If you’re having a different, specific issue, you can search Tekla User Assistance for error messages, keywords, and phrases related to your problem to find the solution.


Log a support case here if you still have problems accessing the trial.

The trial configuration offers the full functionality of Tekla Structures, with the following exceptions:


  • Production imports and exports are disabled
  • The printing and exporting of drawings is disabled (only print preview is available)
  • Model Sharing is disabled
  • The in-product Support Tool is disabled - see FAQs above for troubleshooting advice


Please click here for further information on the Tekla Structures subscription configurations.

To get the most out of your free 30-day Tekla Structures trial, we’d recommend the following:

  • Start the trial when the timing is right for you, and reserve time for learning.
  • Utilize the free on-demand eLearning and other support material created for you.
  • Start modeling from scratch, or jump straight in with a pre-built sample model, available directly in the software.

We understand learning a new program can be challenging, so we are here to help you make the most out of your trial. You can access a variety of resources, including eLearning, support materials, and more, from our Tekla Structures trial Get Started page.

Any individual professional can access the Tekla Structures trial.


If you are a student or educator, then you should access Tekla’s award-winning Tekla Campus for free. Click here for more information.


Tekla Structures is used by a wide range of construction professionals, including detailers, contractors, fabricators, engineers, and more, to build truly constructible 3D structural models with various materials. By selecting a “Role” when launching the software, Tekla Structures’ tools, functionality, and interface are automatically customized to best suit the requirements of the selected Role. You can then customize it yourself to meet your specific needs.


For more information on Roles, refer to the Tekla Structures Trial Get Started page.

You cannot extend your 30-day trial period. Once your trial period has ended, please contact your local Trimble office to discuss further options.

As the trial uses online licensing, you can install Tekla Structures and activate your trial license on any machine with an appropriate version of Tekla Structures installed and an internet connection. Log in with your Trimble ID when you launch the program and select the trial Configuration.


However, the trial license is locked to a specific Trimble ID, as well as a specific computer, once it is activated. The license is locked to the Trimble ID upon activation and is locked to the first computer used to access the software with that license. It cannot be transferred from then on.


Anyone can get a trial license, so if you have a colleague or friend who wants to trial Tekla Structures, they can sign up for themselves. You should also use the trial license for the first time on the machine you intend to use for the duration of the trial.

You can get a free Tekla Structures trial license once per software version. You will not be able to get a trial license if your Trimble ID has already had a license for the same version of the software or if your computer has previously used a trial license for the same version.


New versions of Tekla Structures are typically released annually in March, and the trial version is typically released approximately one month later.